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Right now I’m writing to The Mailing, a list of email addresses I have written into a .muttrc alias, and sent from the email server I operate on my VPS.

To get on The Mailing, all you have to do is , and I’ll add you within 24 hours. If you want off, send me another email and I’ll remove you within 24 hours.

I write to The Mailing every Mon, Weds, Fri about topics such as: technical skills, doing business on the internet, distributed everything, details about products I’ve written, and sometimes I write long booze-infused rants.

The last mailing went out on Feb 28 2015 at 10:47am Mexico City time (CST)

Oh, there’s another podcast here. Clone all podcasts from Gitlab.

Please note: I cannot send to Hotmail/Outlook/Live.co.uk. Get a different providor or a distributed email server.

Hi, I'm Ev Bogue. I'm based out of Mexico City.

Email: ev@evbogue.com (GPG public key)

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