Hi! I'm Ev. I'm looking for a job in Chicago.

For the past five years I've been working with Node.js, building a decent(ralized) network for business and development. It's called Decent and the code is here. Decent uses ssb to gossip sigchains across the Internet and over local wifi, creating a distributed social experience over a friend-of-a-friend network.

In the autumn of 2017 I spent three months looking for jobs in San Francisco + finishing Decent. I didn't find a job in SF, so I'm now living in Des Plaines, IL -- where I am looking for full-time employment in the technology industry. Right now I'm focusing my job search on the Chicago area, but I'm willing to relocate.

I graduated from New York Unversity with a BFA in Journalism and Dance. While at NYU, I worked in residential IT. After college I worked as a photo editor at New York Magazine, a Mac genius at Apple 5th Avenue, then a self-employed writer and developer. Most recently I served burgers and brews at a restaurant in Fayetteville, NC.

I am most interested in Node.js programming jobs with a focus on distributed systems programming. I'm willing to code on whatever stack your company currently maintains. While I'm most familiar with Node.js, I've also studied C, C++, Go, and Haskell programming languages. I'm willing to learn Ruby on Rails. You can view my commits on Github

Beyond Node.js, my other technology interests include: Arch Linux, Blockchains, and designing user interfaces with Bootstrap and Hyperscript.

To get in touch with me, use Decent or email me.


This is Decent: ?

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