Minimum Viable Website

October 1-31, 2014

You have until October 1st at 2pm CST/Mexico City time purchase.

Minimum Viable Website | $35

MVW + Design Your Website + call | $99

MVW + DYW + co-pilot | $297

This is what you’re buying:

Minimum Viable Website is a one-month course. It’s either self-guided (the cheap version) or guided (the expensive versions). For the first 15 days, you will build a minimum website. The VPS, Git, the web server, your minimum website, it will all work by day 15. For the next 16 days, you will create a viable website.

15 days of the minimum nuts and bolts, then 16 days of creative viability.

Why now? Because October is the best month to build a website. By November, you’ll want to do something with it. When you have a website you can express yourself, reach anyone in the world, and sell things. You can’t reach people and sell things on a website you don’t have.