By Ev Bogue

Hi! I'm Ev Bogue. Right now I'm living in San Francisco, CA.

I am looking for a job in tech. Here is my resume.

I'm from Chicago, I grew up in New York. I lived between Fayetteville, NC and Mexico City for the past five years. Between the New York and Mexico City eras, I lived on-and-off in Oakland, CA and San Francisco, CA.

I work on a distributed social network called Decent, built on the Secure-Scuttlebutt (ssb) protocol. I'm a member of the ssbc. I maintain the minbase client for ssb. I'm active both on Decent and the main ssb development network.

In the past I've been known for writing about minimalism and Node.js, I've also written blog posts. These days, I'm most interested in designing distributed technologies.

I tried not using email, but that failed for now. You can contact me on http://decent.evbogue.com or via email at ev@evbogue.com.