By Ev Bogue - April 25th 2015

This is a list of frequently asked questions.

Got a question? Ask. I respond to almost all non-spam emails. ev@evbogue.com

What's your nationality?

I'm a drunkard.

Why do you live in Mexico City?

Because I'm broke and I can have a higher quality of life in Mexico City than I would trying to scrape by in The USA. I got tired of hustling thrice as hard in 2013, so I moved to Mexico where I can stress less and write more.

I split an all inclusive pre-furnished 6000 peso apartment another writer/programmer.

Yes, I know it's dangerous and smoggy. I neti twice a day and keep my New York street-smarts enabled at all times.

Why do you pitch me on The Mailing?

Because I need to make enough money to pay half of the 6000 peso rent and also make enough to eat, drink booze, and continue to have enough calories in my system to write more books. I don't pitch The Client List.

Why don't you move back to The USA? (everyone always asks me this)

I will as soon as y'all buy enough of my books for me to afford to live in the states. Or find me a job? My resume is this site and my books. I'm also up for well paid speaking gigs and consulting sessions. In fact, I've been back to America in April 2015. It was uneventful.

What is your education/work history? (no one ever asks me this)

I graduated from NYU in 2005. I've worked at Apple, Gawker and New York Magazine. I've been a self-employed technical writer since 2010. I sell books

I want a consulting session (sometimes people ask me this)

Most of the time I only do consulting sessions in person, because I believe the best way to transfer non-book information is on the full body Internet. We'll drink beers at a local bar for three hours and talk. You pay for the session, travel, and lodging.

Do you use Bitcoin?

Yes. But I've never bought Bitcoin, I've only earned it by selling books. On occasion someone buys one of my books using Bitcoin. I have around 1.63 BTC. I use it to renew my domain name at Namecheap. I run electrum on my own computer so no one steals my Bitcoins. I lost all of my Bitcoins I earned in 2012 because I was not smart and used a centralized online wallet.

What happened to Far Beyond The Stars?

I stopped blogging at farbeyondthestars.com in Feb 2011 and no longer own the domain name.

Why do all of the minimalists hate you?

Because I'm the only one who actually did it.

Are you still a minimalist?

All of my stuff still fits into one bag. Except for the fish tank. And I could give that away if I need to. [Update, gave it away]

Why aren't you on "social media?"

Because social media doesn't seem to benefit anyone anymore. I have vague issues with social networks being centralized clusterfucks as well. Why not email me instead? ev@evbogue.com. I'm interested in any projects related to a distributed social web that is not owned by any one company or person. I've tried Diaspora, Tent, Pump.io, GNUSocial, and Twister. None of these seem to solve the problem, though Twister gets close but the build time is too long.

Why don't you blog anymore?

Because I have my own email server and I can write to your inbox. Everyone has an inbox, so it's ideal. Emails travel through space/time better than blog posts.

What do you eat/drink in Mexico?

Chorizo tacos and Modelos when it's hot, boxed wine and pasta when it's cold.

What is your stack?

I use a $373 USD Acer that I bought at Walmart in 2013. The battery doesn't work anymore, unless it's plugged in. I have Arch Linux installed on it. I use Terminology with dwm as my window manager.

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