Archiving Far Beyond The Stars on the Permanent Web

By Ev Bogue - July 1st 2016

Update: I'm not using IPFS anymore, so I decided to post the FBTS repo here: https://github.com/evbogue/fbts

In 2009 I started a blog called Far Beyond The Stars. It was about minimalism, business, and towards the end cybernetics.

In Febuary 2011 I uncopywrote the entire blog and deleted it a week later. This led to a handful of people archiving the site around the Internet.

More than five years after I deleted the blog, I still hear about it from time to time. Some people wonder what happened to to the blog. Others wonder why I didn't just keep writing the blog forever. Other people want to read one of the books that I wrote back then.

One of the chief reasons for deleting the blog was I didn't want the mental overhead of maintaining it. So I deleted the blog and let the domain name expire.

But over the last few years I've learned enough about programming to make the mental overhead of maintaining the blog marginal.

Since so many people have kept Far Beyond The Stars alive over the past few years, I decided the only right thing to do was to try to see if we can make the blog live forever. Recently work on IPFS, a distributed network for creating a permanent distributed web, has come a long way.

I created a piece of blog software called Everlog, based on some work I've done with Metalsmith and some work people on the IPFS team did with their Starlog.

Next I started taking the content from FBTS and adding it to a git cloned copy of the Everlog. Now all I have to do is type make publish and FBTS is published to the distributed web as long as there are peers sharing it.

How to get FBTS on IPFS

If you want to get your own copy of FBTS on IPFS all you need to do is install IPFS.

Next type

ipfs get QmXkTH6StC87mNdYA9qiuUQjPHWXk5qRpnAg21jCu3GeSV
ipfs pin add -r QmXkTH6StC87mNdYA9qiuUQjPHWXk5qRpnAg21jCu3GeSV

And you'll be sharing FBTS on the IPFS distributed network.

Also the added benefit of this is you can read FBTS on my own site, should you you want to revisit the content from 2010.

As I always note: 2010 was a long time ago. If you have any questions about what I wrote back then, please email me

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