Learning C

By Ev Bogue - November 17th 2013

While everyone in The Bay is pretending to hire people for Ruby on Rails and Django jobs for 'free marketing', the real truth of the matter is everyone is in desperate need of someone who knows how to program in C

Why? Because C is the most hardcore, and best language, for doing anything.

If you want to do anything interesting, you'd best use C to do it.

All of the best programs I use are written in C.

  • dwm
  • systemd
  • cjdns
  • linux

All written in C.

Imagine how much better Node.js would be if it had been written in C.

C was developed at Bell Labs in 1972. This was long before I was born. It's pretty clear C has withstood the test of time. So in three years, when we've all forgotten about Ruby on Rails like a bad nightmare or hangover, C will probably still be useful. As far as I can tell, you can't solve any interesting problems unless you solve them in C.

The trouble is, C is hard. It's a low level programming language. Which is the opposite of a high level programming language.

So, once I learn C, I will be 100x more hardcore than I am now. And I'm already more hardcore than you, so I will be 250% more hardcore than you.

How but do you go about learning C? Do you Learn C the Hard Way? Do I stare at the dwm or cjdns code until the clouds part and it all makes sense? This is why I've created this page, because I want to investigate the best way to learn C. Perhaps I will explain C a little along the way, as I learn it. Then, you can get hardcore with me.

I'll update this page as I progress in my learning of the C programming language.

If you have any resources or recommendations, please send to me to me

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