Roasted a chicken

By Ev Bogue - November 28th 2014

Hola Internetado,

It's Ev. I'm writing this the night before on Thanksgivens day.

Today I did the ultimate in American things. I roasted an entire chicken over a hobofire. First I went and bought the chicken. Then I chopped it into six pieces. I threw away all of the junk from the inside in the bag. And then I roasted the damn thing with salt and pepper.

So now I'm sitting here, with my computer in my lap, enjoying the contentedness of a full stomach on a day when you should have a full stomach. I hope your stomach is full too.

But let me ramble on about other things that are on my mind. The Internet! Linux! Email servers! Things no one wants to hear about, but everyone should get more familiar with. I mean, aren't we here for just that? To figure out what this grand experiment of The Internet is today? It's not the Internet we had yesterday, that's for sure. It's evolved. It's changed. It's a new Internet.

I want to talk about one thing that no one ever talks about. And that is... Trollsign.

Trollsign is similar to Wormsign. You can say for certain you're starting to make it again when a troll pops his ugly little head out from under a digital bridge.

But to talk about trolls too much is to do them too much justice, so I'll just stop there. Troll === slayed. Jerb well done. Back to work.

The the most important thing you can do it a troll is handle him (or her) fast and with as little effort as possible. This scares off the rest of them, leaving you free to get back to work.

So let's talk about this thing called Work.

What is work these days? It's almost as hard to pin down as the Internet. Work. If you're a writer that means you're sitting your ass in a chair and typing. If you're a programmer it means you're doing the same thing, with a different set of tools. In some cases, you're using the same tools.

I think the Internet died. Somewhere between 2010 - 2013 the whole thing let out it's last out breath and died. And then it was dead.

The only thing that remained was the bones. The conduits. The infrastructure of an Internet that had been there before.

Everyone had big dreams for the Internet. It was going to save us all. It was going to bring enlightenment. Instead it died.

Who killed it? I'm not sure. Probably a combination of greedy entrepreneurs and dumb-ass users. The mixing of these two led to an explosion that killed the whole spirit of the Internet. And then we were left with nothing but the bones.

And what are the bones of the Internet but virtual computers, tethered through space/time via IP addresses that reverse-DNS to the horrible but not-quite-dead DNS system.

And these virtual computers did not die. The organism that was the Internet. The benevolent being that was the Internet. That died. The consciousness that might have emerged from all of the individual neurons, that died. And it's never coming back. Similar to how Blueks the blue Betta died yesterday for no apparent reason other than I changed his water and it might have been too cold last night. The Internet died.

And in some ways, you are responsible for killing it, because you're just a neuron in the whole damn thing. The Internet was a network of minds, and when those minds choose to do something other than What Technology Wanted, the Internet gave up all hope, lay down, and died.

But all is not lost. The bones are still there. But we have to become Internet archeologists. We have to examine the bones for what was good, and then we have to restart the Internet from scratch. We have to build up from nothing, because what we have now is nothing but the computers sitting in our laps and the virtual computers we spin up for $5 or $10 on Digital Ocean or Linode.

Perhaps someday virtual computers will be free, and accessible for all. But I hope by then there are no idiots, because I don't want them to have access to the power that comes from owning and controlling a VPS. The good news is, even the most intelligent of my readers have been pretty stumped with the whole VPS thing this year, so I'm not too worried about full retards figuring it out.

What I mean to say is this: you're a neuron on the Net. It's your responsibility to start firing your own intellectual juices out onto it. It's your responsibility to maintain your space and kill the trolls when you see trollsign. It's your moral responsibility to be true to the things you want to create on the Internet, and not let the greed and manipulative power that killed the last Internet overtake you.

And most of all it's important for you to start gathering the skills you need to become a part of this future of the Internet. The New Internet. The next in a long line of experiments to attempt to connect all of humanity in realtime without anyone fucking the whole god damn thing up.

Tu entiendes?

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