Cyphernets: IPFS and Sbot

By Ev Bogue - March 25th 2016

Years ago it became clear that the Internet was dying. A few people saw this and started coding.

Two new projects seem to offer alternatives to the dying Internet you're reading this blog post on.

The first is IPFS - The InterPlanetary File System. Written in Golang

The second is Scuttlebot, or 'sbot' for short. Written in Node

These are both described best as cyphernets. They both use cryptographic hashes to locate data.

I'm using both networks right now.

IPFS appears to be best for files and file systems. You can put a bunch of files on IPFS and retreive them on another computer using a 40-character hash. The more people use the files the more easily accessible they are on the network.

Scuttlebot's best use right now is as a social networking application called 'Patchwork'. Right now there are around 10-50 people on there using a distributed social network. Scuttlebot also has encrypted messages in an inbox.

You'll find the difference between online and offline is blurred using a cyphernet. Both IPFS and Sbot work offline.

I run a Scuttlebot 'pub'. If you want to be invited, get Scuttlebot up and running and email me. I'll send you an sbot invite.

Even if a cyphernet is built that blows away IPFS and Sbot, you'll still wish you'd been there during the first few days when the first cyphernets were born.

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