Clean out your dead guppies

By Ev Bogue - November 26th 2014

This week in fish...

The bad news is, the listing soon-to-be-floater from last week did venture into the great beyond and is no longer with us. Why he decided to depart this world, we will never know. Perhaps he came from China and the change in water was too great for his little system to handle. Or perhaps it got too cold.

Regardless, I got a tank heater and put all of the betta fish into a tank where they all live together in their padre kino bottles, safe from each other and safe from freezing to death.

I've also added a few Angelfish to the mix. They are somewhat docile, and have not kicked yet. The good news if they do kick they are much less personable than Betta fish, so I won't be quite as sad.

At the time of this writing the only fish who seems as if he's going to kick is Smashing the semi-fancy Betta fish who has had an on-going 'ongo' problem since he was very young. I've decided to take him off his anti-bacterial meds and let him figure out if he wants to live or die.

But today I want to talk about something very important to fish store owners. It's an often overlooked thing. The lesson, and the nutgraf is, of course...

Clean out your dead guppies

When I go to the pez mercado and I wander around, I want to see living/breathing fish. I don't want to see dead fish. I'm never going to buy a dead fish.

As a matter of fact, I've noticed that I trend towards never buying fish from anyone with dead fish in their tanks at all.

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person who doesn't appreciate dead fish floating around a tank.

It seems lazy to me. It's as if the person who runs the fish store doesn't care. Maybe they've given up all hope, or they can't be bothered to snag another dead fish, or maybe the fish are dying so fast that they can't keep up with the bodies. All of these are very good reasons to never buy a fish from a shopkeeper who can't be bothered to clean out their dead guppies.

There are obvious metaphors here. This must apply to every business in some form or another. So let me ask you this question...

Whatever your guppies may be, are you cleaning up when they die?

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