Decent -- a decent(ralized) network for business and development

By Ev Bogue - February 15th 2017

Decent is a decent(ralized) network for business and development.

In the beginning the web was distributed. Then companies in the valley centralized it for their own profit, impoverishing the creative class of the Internet. We're creating a decent alternative.



Decent is based on Secure Scuttlebutt, but uses an alternative network key to the Scuttlebot network.

The new network key is: EVRctE2Iv8GrO/BpQCF34e2FMPsDJot9x0j846LjVtc=

This is a Decent invite:

Decent is maintained by Ev Bogue, based on the work of Dominic Tarr.

View the code on gitmx

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