A Decent Opportunity

By Ev Bogue - March 17th 2017

There are plenty of large technology companies that'd do well to sponsor ssb/Decent as a hedge against the centralized world. There are also plenty of startups that'd benefit in a huge way if they were to integrate with ssb or Decent, as they'd become known as a force for good in an industry that right now is pretty much dominated by technology companies mining user data. In other words, Google or Apple could sponsor Decent, and offer it as a Decent(ralized) alternative to Facebook. Or your startup could take some of that VC money you've raised, send it to me, and I could deploy a Decent or ssb node for you. This way your company could be running it's own decentralized social network, which would be perceived as innovative.

Now that I'm back in America, and returned to working at a restaurant in Fayetteville, I occasionally get two kinds of emails. The first is asking this question: why are you working in a restaurant, and not doing tech work? The other is the occasional inquiry from recruiters who see my commits on git-ssb/gitmx and Github. Let me attempt to answer these two questions in this post, and also present the ideal kind of work that I want to be doing, just in case there's someone out there who wants to pay me to do said work.

Working in a restaurant is difficult. It's not something that I would be doing if I could find another way to support my work. In an ideal world I'd be working on Decent and ssb full-time, instead of working in a restaurant full-time. In fact, since returning to working in a restaurant, I've found it's challenging to find time to work on the coding projects that I care about. Not coding full-time isn't ideal, but this isn't an ideal world.

There are two ways to make this possible:

  1. Get a small amount of support from a large group of people
  2. Get a corporate sponsorship for Decent

After working on ssb and then Decent full-time in Mexico City from May 2016 until February 2017, I'm convinced that getting a large group of people to give me small payments is impractical right now. If you do want to support my work on an individual level, please buy one of my books.

However, I think a corporate sponsorship for Decent could be a decent opportunity. There are two forms this could take.

  1. Hire me at your company to work on Decent full-time
  2. Have your company sponsor Decent by sending me a regular amount of money so I can work on Decent full-time

If you're interested in sponsoring Decent, or hiring me to work on Decent full-time, get in touch with me on Decent. I'm @ev

I wrote this in a bit of a rush, I'll edit the piece after this weekend of serving. Happy St. Pat's day!

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