Why people hate themselves for having an archive no one wants to read.

I’m a blog destroyer. I believe in linkrot. I’m a minimalist. I believe that everything, every bit of data I drag through space/time is tugging my soul deeper into the abyss of perpetual self-loathing.

That’s why I’m amused when people ask what happened to my archive. Well, you read it, didn’t you? If not, what were you looking for in there? If you’re looking for something, I’m happy to help you.

All of my past work is shit.

The good stuff gets packaged up and then you buy it with all that hard earned money you’re making.

Linkrot isn’t my own sin. It’s the zeitgeist. The Internet is destroying itself, being destroyed. Why invest energy in keeping something up, when no one is putting any energy your way. And if money is a form of energy, then perhaps it’s the best form to send via your favorite form of sending money. Paypal? Bitcoin? y que nada mas.

But what were you digging around in there for? In the voice of Tom Waits… What’s he doing in there?

Or do you hate yourself because you’re dragging around seventeen years of blog archive that no one reads?

Me, I’ll have an archive again when it benefits me to have one.


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