Email servers

By Ev Bogue - December 1st 2014

For the longest time I avoided running my own email server.

There were all sorts of reasons not to. Why wouldn't I have wanted Eric Schmidt to suck up all of my data and spit it to the NSA between the years of 2004-2012.

And then all sorts of boring things such as Snowden happened, and I began to realized that the only way I was ever going to have email autonomy was to run my own email server.

Now, there is credit where credit is due. A small handful of my readers encouraged me to run an email server. I felt perplexed by the whole thing, because I attempted to installed Postfix and it didn't work out of the box, and I couldn't find a decent manual for the damn thing.

So I kept putting off running my own email server, until I became obsessed with the whole thing, and I banged my head into a the wall that is the digital world until I figured out how to get a god damn Postfix server to work.

And now I can get a postfix server up and running in less than 15 minutes.

Do I think I'm a master of email? Hell no. The whole thing perplexes me. I don't understand how anything works. I'm not even 100% sure how I get these postfix servers up and running.

But what I do know is I don't want my email being channelled through a centralized provider.

Security Through Obscurity!

If they want my emails, then those motherfuckers better damn well dig for them.

Because the other day I deleted an email off my email server without reading it, and you know what. It was gone. Done. Listo. Finished. Nope. I couldn't get that email back.

And that made me feel content, because I knew that my email was at least a little more secure from those cocksuckers who don't want anyone to have any freedom anymore. You know who I'm talking about.

Anyway. Let's talk email servers.

A handful of you have requested that I write a product about launching a VPS and deploying an email server. This is a good idea.

The trouble is, I'm only 70% sure I can describe the process. I'm also only 30% sure that any of you will pay me to create said product.

I'm hesitent to create such a product. I have a few reasons...

  1. It'd take a month, mas or menos, to create
  2. I have to pay rent for that month
  3. I'm not sure anyone will pay for it
  4. If you want to pay for it, I'll write it

Yes, I do want to write the damn thing, but I also know it'll be a lot of work, and why do work if there's no payoff? That's capitalism.

So this is what I want to say. If you want me to create this product, give me a shout. It'll probably cost cashmoney for an un-co-pilot version, and more-cashmoney if you want me to dick around on your VPS when you run into trouble.

If you're into this, give me a shout. You can hit up my postfix server at this email address mailto:ev@evbogue.com


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