What happens when you email me

By Ev Bogue - September 16th 2013

[Update: I no longer use Hyperboria for email]

Email security is all of the rage right now, because who wants the NSA reading all of your shit?

One of the more interesting things about living in a post-NSA world, is very few people choose to email me anymore. There's also a large rise in pseudoynm usage.

Which is funny, because there's almost nothing you could say to me that would get you on the radar of government surveilience. But privacy is a need, so we'd like to have some of it, right? I certainly would!

The good news is, I've switched to a (more) secure email providor at Hyperboria.ca.

Hyperboria.ca is what I'd like to start calling a submarine cjdns server. It's a submarine, because it only comes on clearnet to get messages.

When you send an email to Hyperboria.ca, I'll receive it. Even if you send it over clearnet.But I can't check my email unless I'm running cjdns. This means when I check my mail the packets are encrypted. So no NSA-in-the-middle attacks can take place.

And if you happen to have your own hyperboria-only or hyperboria.ca email address, you can of course send me emails to my hyperboria.ca email address without anyone sniffing them in-between.

The only way my emails will end up in public is if hypeboria.ca gets NSLed, or backdoored. And will this happen? Well, it might. But that might be yet another scandal for the NSA, and how many more of those do you think those poor motherfuckers want?

So to reiterate. If you send me an email it's not going to gmail, it's going to hyperboria.ca. Hyperboria.ca only lets me check my email if I'm connected via cjdns. This adds two layers of security. 1. Security by obscurity. Not many people use Hyperboria. 2. Security because your packets will be encrypted if you send me emails over hyperboria.

Do you feel safer to send me an email now? Email me at ev@evbogue.com (which forwards to hyperboria.ca) or ev@hyperboria.ca.

I promise you, it'll be more secure than emailing your friends at gmail. But if you use gmail to email me, well, all bets are off.

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