What I've been up to (so far) this year

By Ev Bogue - August 27th 2016

A few people have inquired about what I've been up to lately, so I decided to put together a month-by-month list of what I've been up to this year. It's turning out to be another one of those years where lots of things happen.

Jan (Fayettenam, NC) The beginning of the year I was running food to tables, studying programming at Barnes and Noble, and trying to make it work in America with Gwen. I witnessed an older gentleman living nextdoor going through an eviction battle (he hadn't paid rent for 10 months) on over the course of the coldest months of the year. Listening to this experience through the wall inspired me to write about minimalism again. The story ended with him being forced to become a minimalist on the coldest day of the year when the police and the landlord kicked him out onto the street. His junk remained piled in front of the house for the next two months.

Feb (Fayettenam, NC) More food running. I interviewed for a few coding jobs, but not much came of those. Food running is great though, I'd recommend it to anyone who's having trouble figuring out how to survive in America. All you have to do is keep a dumb smile on your face and run plates to tables as they come off expo. Then collect your 1% tipout at the end of the shift. I worked with many other people equally or more educated than me, and we were all stuck in the same restaurant from 6pm to 11pm/3am together!

Mar (Fayettenam, NC) By March it became clear that there was no way living in America was going to work out. Running the numbers nothing seemed to add up. Rent + car + food = backsliding. Even living in one of the only $450 apartments in town, we weren't making enough to make it. The plan became clear, it was time to get back to a city. I contacted JOS at The Schoolhouse and asked if there would be a good time to visit New York on the way back to Mexico City. It turned out he was headed to Africa for a month, three weeks from the date. Tickets were booked on Amtrak for New York City. I also rediscovered the Scuttlebot cyphernet while waiting outside the restaurant at 4am while Gwen bartended aka got on her hands and knees and licked the floor crevices clean with her tongue while a low level manager breathed down her neck while rubbing his crotch one freezing morning in March.

Apr (Fayettenam, NC - New York, NY) Arrived in New York mid-month and had the pleasure of staying in JOS's room for a little more than two weeks. Gwen and I attended SbotNYC2016 which turned into an improvised hackathon at The Schoolhouse with Cel and other folks involved in distributed social networking. For the first few weeks I debated trying to stay in New York, but I felt a deep sense of boredom about the place. Combine that with an apparent lack of opportunities (I was only making money online) and the cost of living (compare a 6000 peso apartment with a 1200 USD + deposit + first months rent) it became clear that the only option was to return to Mexico City -- where we'd lived from 2013 - 2015.

May (New York, NY - Mexico City, MX) Booked tickets to Mexico City and organized getting an apartment on the ground. We ended up staying a bit longer at the schoolhouse than I thought we would, but in the end I think everyone enjoyed having us around while we were there. I cooked a lot of Saag Paneer and demonstrated the pulled pork recipe that I perfected living in the south. Highlights during May at the schoolhouse included nerf gun fights with Gaspar, then Cassidy and Zane visiting from Michigan, installing Arch Linux on Mick's computer, and setting up a sail on the schoolhouse roof with JOS. Oh yeah, and lots of rooftop fires and beers.

Jun (Mexico City, MX) A few days before the beginning of the month Gwen and I landed in Mexico City (the city previously known as D.F.) around 11:30pm. We ran to the 5 peso subway, but arrived in Pantitlin 30 seconds after the last train left the station at around 12:05am. After a brief discussion with the station security we came to the conclusion that were completely fucked as we were stranded in one of the worst neighborhoods in Mexico City (halfway between Mexico City and Nezahualcoyotl, but a helpful manager of the Pantitlan station arranged us a ride with her co-worker to our destination -- a room in an apartment on the edge of Tepito. Whew! Made it!

Jul (Mexico City, MX) This month I began to feel for the first time that investing all of this time over the past four years learning to program in Node was beginning to pay off. Dominic began serious work on a modular client for Sbot called Patchbay. I switched from using Gogs on gitmx.com to Cel's git-ssb, meaning that I'm running a truly distributed alternative](/distributedgit) to Github on my own VPS. (This piece sums it up well.

Aug (Mexico City, MX) I began work on Minimal Node. I designed a few themes for Patchbay, which Cel later integrated into Patchbay using an amazing tool that detects available themes available on your distributed social network. I wrote an application called sdash, which is a minimal gateway to Sbot that I now run on the front page of evbogue.com.

To Be Continued...

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