Ev Bogue

By Ev Bogue - October 3rd 2016

Hi! I'm Ev Bogue. I live in Mexico City, MX where the trains have rubber tires and you can buy almost anything you want at the local mercado for cinco pesos. I've lived in Mexico City since October 2013. I left in September 2015, because I ran out of money. Gwen and I got jobs at a restaurant in Fayettenam, and saved up enough money to move back to Mexico City.

My full name is Everett Baldwin Bogue. I'm 31 years old. I was originally born in Chicago, IL. But I moved to New York City when I was 18. My biggest regret in life is not dropping out of school at NYU the same year as Lady Gaga -- who knows what might have happened. Instead I graduated with an undergraduate degree in Journalism and Dance in '06. Then I worked at Gawker (intern), The Apple Store (six months), and New York Magazine (three years). I quit Nymag in 2009, threw away all of my stuff, and moved to Portland Or. I traveled a bit between 2009-2012, and then settled down in Mexico City from 2013 until present -- with the one brief stint working at a restaurant in America.

My favorite movies are of all time are: The Fountain, El Laberinto del Fauno, and Amores Peros. I've watched Battlestar Galactica too many times. My favorite album is The Rise and Inevitable Liberation of Niggy Tardust.

Since 2012 I've been interested in Distributed Everything in technology. In July 2012 I was censored by Google for writing about Bitcoin on their social network, and in April 2013 I was censored by Mailchimp for sending emails containing the word Bitcoin. Because I'm a stubborn American who believes that squashing freedom of speech is unamerican, I stopped using those services and began focusing on creating technologies that are uncensorable.

I never wanted to be a programmer. I just wanted to write things and make a living on the Internet. When it is possible for the entire world to express themselves freely on the Internet without fear of being squashed by megacorporations or authoritarian governments, I will go back to writing full time on the Internet. In the meantime, I code in Node.

Right now I use an uncensorable distributed social network called Scuttlebot, which was invented by Dominic Tarr. If you want an invite, I can send you one. All you gotta do is email me. ev@evbogue.com.

I continue to accept and use Bitcoin. I use Arch Linux on a crappy Acer computer I bought at a Walmart in Michigan in 2013 and a Thinkpad that was given to me in New York in 2016.

I've been a minimalist since 2009. All of my things fit into one bag. Being a minimalist makes it easy for me to relocate, travel, and focus on my work.