Why Fayettenam?

By Ev Bogue - February 10th 2017

Last month I wrote that gb and I were considering the question: do we have to move back to America to make it? The thread is long. There have been conversations outside of this thread. I've had a few emails from people back in The States. There were offers for us to come to both Southern California and Chicago.

Today I'm announcing that we've decided to move back to Fayetteville, North Carolina (aka The Ville, aka Fayettenam -- where Julianne Moore was born/J Cole and gb grew up) for the third time.

gb and I have given notice at our apartment in Mexico City, and will be taking the bus up from Mexico City to Laredo, TX. My dad lives in Texas, so we're hoping to stop there for a few days before taking Greyhound back to North Carolina. If you're on the way, give us a shout. If we can stay a night or two, we're up for grabbing a beer!


The first time I ended up in Fayetteville was in November 2012. Upon returning from Berlin, gb and I just couldn't quite figure out how to get our feet on the ground between Chicago, Kansas City, and Boulder Colorado. We were really broke and skinny as rails when Gwen's grandparents offered to let us stay in their basement for a bit until we could figure out what to do next. I got really into Node.js during this time, and gb mastered Git. During this trip to Fayetteville, we mostly hung out in the basement and wandered around in the woods. My only experience of The Ville was heading to the local library to check out programming books. -- Then we headed off to New York, Michigan, Oakland, and finally moved to Mexico from the end of 2013 until 2015.

The second time I ended up in Fayettevile was September 2015. gb and I ran out of money in Mexico and headed back to the states. By November gb got a job serving, and later bartending, at The Alehouse. We moved to downtown Fayetteville in early November. I got a job running food, expoing, and later serving at the same restaurant in early December. In April 2016, Justin offered to let us stay in his room at The Schoolhouse. We asked if it was cool to leave the restaurant for two weeks, and they said "you're never coming back!" While in New York we decided to use the money we'd saved at the restaurant to head to Mexico City again and work on distributed technologies with the hope of making money on the Internet again. That hasn't happened, so we're coming back!

Why Fayettenam?

In Fayetteville they speak of 'the vortex' -- once The Ville has you, you cease to know how to function outside of the ecosystem. This is because of Bragg, the biggest army base on the East Coast. Because of the base, there's an endless supply of money that ends up trickling down throughout the population of Fayetteville in various ways from the strip clubs of Bragg Boulevard to beers on the patio of Mac's Speedshop. Obviously there's a dirty underbelly to whole place, but the good part about it is no one denies that the bad there.

So, in a sense, the vortex got us again. Perhaps it's because we don't know how to survive outside of Fayettenam anymore, or perhaps it's because earning on the Internet is a pipe dream at the moment, and there are not a lot of jobs left in America right now? It's impossible to know for certain.

What will you do there?

Get jobs in restaurants. Get all the hunnies. Keep working on Decent in our spare time.

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