At the event horizon of the Immutable Web

By Ev Bogue - June 24th 2016

I'm on a distributed social network made up of cryptographically signed append-only logs connected via a secured gossip protocol.

Every time I build my website, it is also deployed to IPFS

Using these two technologies, I can't help but ask myself the question: are we at the event horizon of the immutable web?

It's not difficult for data to live forever — the price of storage has fallen exponentially over the past few years. When you take cheap data storage and cross it with programs that give all data a unique ID, you begin to see that we are at a moment in history where everything in technology could be on the verge of changing.

Or maybe only a few outliers will adopt these technologies in obscurity. Or maybe these technologies will prove to have flaws and will need to be rewritten.

But this moment has me asking the question:

"If this data is going to live forever, how do I want to present myself?"

As storing data forever becomes the norm, perhaps crafting the viewport into the data becomes the focus of our digital work.

Here's one viewport I'm working on.

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