Four months of The Client List

By Ev Bogue - August 3rd 2015

[Please Note I do not run The Client List anymore.]

In April of 2015 I started The Client List. Today is its' four month anniversary.

At first I wanted to try The Client List as a 6-month experiment, but it's been semi-successful with a core group of people who I think enjoy it, so I'm going to keep doing The Client List at least until April 2016. When we get to April 2016 I'll assess whether the project continues to be successful or not.

The Client List is an email list I send out using a Nodemailer program to people who've supported my work in the past 6-months. I see it as an added perk for anyone who's purchased one of my books -- anyone who does gets a subscription to The Client List for 6 months.

For the past four months I've sent emails to The Client List every Monday and Thursday.

The Client List started off because Alan Howard wanted to support my work without buying one of my books, so there's an additional option to subscribe to The Client List for $10 USD per month. Alan interviewed me about The Client List on his blog a few months ago.

If you want to get on The Client List, you can either purchase one of my books, which right now are:

Design Your Website
Operator's Manual
Node.js - Code JavaScript
Buy all three and save $30

When you buy a book I'll send you an invite to The Client List and I need you to rsvp within 72 hours by accepting your invite. This is simply for a double opt-in, because it's an email list and it's polite to opt people into receiving emails.

or you can get a monthly subscription for $10 USD per month. This will take you to Paypal. All you have to do is set up the recurring payment and then I'll add you to The Client List. Unlike when buying my books, this option requires you to have a Paypal account so you can cancel your payment in the future.

If you ever want to unsubscribe from The Client List before your subscription is up, just send me an email and I'll take you off. If you set up a recurring payment using Paypal make sure to login and cancel the subscription.

What do I write about on The Client List?

This is hard to say. I see The Client List as an added perk for the people who've supported my work, so I trends towards being supporting work for my work. It's a small group, so the writing trends towards accomidating the people who are on The Client List. I'm much more likely to be swayed into writing on topics you want to hear about, so get on The Client List and request a topic!

Is there an archive of The Client List?

No, I delete the emails right after I send them. There will be no 'Client List archive' book in the future or anything similar to that. Sorry people who are holding out.


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