The fine art of geo-arbitrage

By Ev Bogue - April 5th 2016

People are right to ask the question: how did you (Everett Bogue, me) live in Mexico City for two years on less than $6,000 USD a year? As I said in my interview with Alan Howard last year. Note in this interview I talk about The Client List, which I do NOT offer anymore. I have the two books now, that's it.

$6,000 doesn't seem to be a lot of money. In the United States the idea of living on less than say $40,000 or even $100,000 in places such as San Francisco or New York seems absurd. But the reality of the situation is many Americans end up choosing to live in poverty because the cost of living in America is so high compared to what they are earning.

The answer is, of course, to move to a cheaper place to live. As long as you avoid city states and the 'first world' you can stretch your dollars a lot farther than you can living in them. As I learned traveling around the world in 2012, going to the cool places such as Japan can destroy your cash reserves faster than the agua guy can run a garrafon of agua up four flights of stairs in CDMX.

You might blow through $6,000 in one month in Japan, but living in Mexico you can make that last an entire year of your life. And that is because of the fine art of geo-arbitrage, earning in a stronge currency and spending in a weak one. When everything costs cinco or venti pesos and your rent is $5,000 (not to mention the other shocking deals on segundamano.mx if you can speak some espanolages) you end up not having to make much money at all.

Combine that with what I wrote about in The Art of Being Minimalist, and you have a recipe for this liberated lifestyle where you can engage with the world at your leisure. It's the art of being bohemian.

Of course after you run out of $6,000 and you aren't making money on the Internet you might need to move back to America for a bit, earn on the ground and save up enough money to leave again. But that's an acceptable risk. After all, America is your home country so it's not hard to finangle an on-the-ground job for a bit given that you are a well adjusted person who hasn't convinced themselves that they are 'too good for a job'.

So the challenge becomes, for myself and perhaps for you, how can you make money on the Internet. $6,000 USD isn't that much, and then live the minimalist bohemian dream with all of the risks and rewards that the lifestyle entails?

Let me know what you think ev@evbogue.com and we'll back and forth about it.

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