By Ev Bogue - November 5th 2013

I've been working on a skillset I've been calling my GNU PHD.

While many of my contemporaries are either unemployed or racking up debt going to graduate school, I figured why not educate myself?

This isn't the first time I've taken my education into my own hands. I dropped out of kindergarten, because it seemed to be a waste. Then I dropped out after my freshmen year of highschool, because it also seemed to be a waste. Then I went to college at NYU and got a double major in three years in Journalism and Dance. In order to avoid dropping out of graduate school, I figured it would be best I didn't go at all. A few years ago, I read every book in the business section of Powell's in Portland -- so I figure I have the equivilent of a personal MBA.

Now I'm super interested in Linux, why not grant myself a GNU PHD?

Perhaps Richard Stallman will see this page and send me a certificate or preside over my graduation ceremony. If not, no worries. I'll have learned so much more than you ever will as you bullshit your way through your thesis. Plus, I won't be paying off outrageous student debt until the Singularity gets here.


  • Deploying Node.js
  • Deploying Arch Linux
  • Editing Vim
  • Git-ing things done
  • Tmux + IRC
  • SSH
  • Mesh networking over cjdns


  • Checking email with Mutt
  • Sucking Less with DWM


  • Emacs
  • Postfix
  • Mailman
  • C

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