Gogs for self-hosted Git

By Ev Bogue - April 6th 2016

Please note: I no longer use Gogs. Now I use git-ssb at gitmx.com

For the past few years there's been this big debate about where Git repositories should be hosted.

I've always been on the side of freedom. It doesn't make sense to me that everyone should be hosting their open source Git repositories at a closed source company.

The first real open source Github competitor is well known now, Gitlab. The issue with Gitlab has been the same issue with Github, it's become bloated over time. It's written in Ruby on Rails so the inevitable slowness of the app is visible. Because of my intentional lack of RoR knowledge, I also had a hard time getting Gitlab running on my system. To Gitlab's credit, the project is more robust and may be more useful for larger enterprises. But for a single self-hosted Git user such as myself, I need a simple application.

A week or two ago I was surprised when I heard of and then tried Gogs, which worked on the first try and now I have it running on www.gitmx.com. I used the binary install instructions, which were as simple as downloading the tarball, unpacking, and running on a VPS.

Gogs is written in Go and is superfast.

Feel free to use Gogs on my server with the condition that I might delete it at any time, so keep your repos local too. Better yet, get Gogs running on your own server.

The great news about Gogs is we have a simple alternative to centralized Github and somewhat slow and difficult to set up Gitlab. Plus it's easy enough for noobs to register an account and use a simple Git web interface that isn't an ugly CGI-BIN such as cgit.

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