The power of positive drinking

I'm going on vacation to Guatemala at the beginning of May. Before I throw a few things into my one bag and jump on an aeroplane I want to stimulate unlimited beer money in my personal economy.

This is why I'm writing seven new chapters into Develop Your Business.

Develop Your Business pricing is simple. $1 per chapter. Right now the price is $20. On April 29th at 1pm CST the price goes up to $27. You get the chapters, whatever price you buy at. If you buy now, you'll save $7.

$27 $20

New chapters

These 7 new chapters will be pushed to origin master by April 29th.

Current Table of Contents

You can read these 20 chapters right now to wet your noodle while you're pre-gaming for cinco-de-mayo.

  • Why you should track sales not eyeballs
  • Get unlimited beer money
  • How to leverage emerging technologies
  • How programmers publish
  • How to reach people
  • How to keep a Gitodex
  • Making it without being involved in tech
  • How to price your work
  • Generate distributed income
  • How to develop consistency
  • How to develop self-reliance
  • The Launch Submarine
  • How to deal with shitty customers
  • How to cultivate long-term customers
  • Cut through bullshit with experiments
  • Peers, clients, heroes
  • How to measure your burn rate
  • Engage in geoarbitrage
  • How to hand-to-hand
  • Skipping coffee to pay your mortgage

What is Develop Your Business?

Develop Your Business is the only no-bullshit business book written in 2014. There is no bullshit because I wrote it. Everything is in here.

Who is Develop Your Business for?

Entrepreneurs who want to learn more about development and programmers who want to learn more about business.

Why should you buy Develop Your Business

Because you want to know the secret of success. Hahaha, no fucking way.

The only way to succeed in digital business is by having a 168 hour workweek. The best you can hope for when you read Develop Your Business is that you will learn a few important things you didn't know before. Why? I've been running a digital business since 2009 and I've learned a few things I can teach you.

27 chapters for only $20 until April 29th at 1pm CST.

$27 $20

I'm Ev Bogue. [Photo] I'm a technical futurist and the last minimalist alive. I live in Mexico City.

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