A new framework for interviews

By Ev Bogue - July 8th 2016

I get occasional requests for interviews (both job and published.) If you wish to interview me, for a job or to publish on your blog/social media account I hope that you'll read this framework before making the request.

Choose your own adventure.

I want to...

  1. Interview you about your current work
  2. Interview you for a programming job
  3. Interview you about the good old days
  4. Ask you about something

Please scroll down the the appropriote section for your request.

Current Work

I'm always happy to do public interviews about whatever I'm working on right now.

You are free to request an interview with me over email, and I will then respond with some of my thoughts on how the interview should be structured.

I only have one requirement if you are to interview me: you are not allow to cut the parts out that you do not 'like'. If I happen to say something that you do not agree with, then you must publish it or scrap the entire interview. You are of course free to argue with me, but you are not free to edit my interview into what you want to hear. I've had a few people do this over the years, not many, but some. It's incredibly annoying to have someone publish an interview where all of my words are skewed to whatever it is you want them to be.

Topics recommended for interviews: distributed technologies, programming, minimalism, living in Mexico, whatever I wrote about last to this blog, or other ideas you may have.

Programming job

I get requests from recruiters and people who work at companies that think I'd be a good fit for working there. I think this is great, but then I spend three months talking to you about how much you'd love love love to hire me and nothing happens. I am 100% pro job. In fact, I just worked for six months in a restaurant running food to a table. That was hard work, I imagine harder than sitting at a desk all day coding on your project.

Startups need talent, but I also enjoy living a productive life free from being yanked around by people who say 'they want to hire me!!!' and then do another thing. So I've had to set a few rules.

If you get in touch with me about hiring me for a programming job you should be aware that you are the one who is emailing me. This means you should be familiar with what I'm working on, what my programming strengths and weaknesses are, and what my active projects are right now. This sounds obvious, but I get plenty of emails from people who either pretend to be blissfully unaware of what I'm working on, or really have no idea. They will be sent to this page in the future.

Please note: as soon as you start emailing me, I blacklist your startups' name. I will not be posting to 'social media' or talking to 'my friends' about your startup for obvious reasons. If you do want me to advertise your startup, you can pay me a one time fee of $250 USD to say your startups name to one passerby (whether they care or not). If you want me to write your startups name to an append only log on distributed social you will need to pay me $1000 USD. If you want me to say your startup's name every day for a year, then you will need to pay me $250,000 USD. In short, emailing me and claiming to have an 'awesome paying tech job' will not get your free advertising anywhere.

If you want to 'pick my brain' on a call, that will cost you $99 USD for a 30 minute WebRTC call and $125 for an hour. You can call this a job interview, and I'll call it consulting.

If you want to interview me in person that will cost $250 USD for most places other than San Francisco. My interview stipend for San Francisco is $1000 USD.

Since I live in Mexico City, I am a 6 to 10 hour flight from NYC. I am a 4 hour flight to SF. I am a 2 hour flight to most of Texas. I am happy to come see you and talk to your team and legions of very important hiring managers, however you should know in advance that your startup was funded so that you can pay for my ticket and also so you can pay for my hotel while I am meeting you.

If you send me a programming test, you will need to pay me $500 to take it. If it's not obvious, I am a semi-mediocre programmer who only codes in Node.js. No, I do not want to learn Ruby on Rails. Yes, I will 'deliver results' but only over a long period of time of trial and error, because that is how programming works. If you want examples of my work, you only need to look at my Git commits.

If you want me to code your entire startup for you in said programming test, you will need to pay me $100,000 USD before I complete the test. It may take awhile, depending on what your amazing startup idea is.

Good old days

If you want to interview me about the 'good old days', I've decided to put a price of $100 USD. It's all fun and good to resminisce about 2010 and the amazing blog I wrote back then. But look people, it's 2016 now. I'm 6 years older! And yes, my hair hasn't fallen out yet. But if you want to know what FBTS was so successful in 2010 then you are asking the wrong question. The world was very different in 2010 than it is right now. You should be worried about how to be successful right now, duh.

I am happy to begin production on a time machine for you, if you do wish to go back to 2010. While I'm working on said time machine, I am happy to continue to talk to you about the good old days. However, the initial cost of R&D on said time machine will also cost $100,000 USD. It's a small price, I know, to pay someone to figure out how to make a time machine. I do not know how to make a time machine, and I'm pretty sure no one knows how to do it, so I can't promise any progress. But I will work on it for an entire year with once-monthly meetings where we can talk about how great 2010 was for blogging.

Ask you about something

Sometimes people ask me one-off questions about "What do you think about X?" Most of the time I'm happy to answer these questions for free with a few words. If you want a more presentable amount of information, I am happy to send you a 5000 word essay on what I think about X for $50 USD.

For $50 I will answer in 5000 words almost any question about 'what I think about X'. You are free to keep this interview to yourself, or publish it. That's up to you.

Hopefully this new framework for interviews will give you something with which to work. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. I'm happt to answer questions with short concise answers.

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