A quick guide to lite clienting from your pub

By Ev Bogue - September 24th 2016

Originally post on the scuttlebot distributed social netowrk

The lite client is awesome. It opens up the Scuttlebot world to people who might not be willing or able to install Node.js on their computer.

However getting the lite client set up is a little additional effort right now. I thought I'd document how I did it, so that I remember in the future, and also if anyone else wants to try it.

These instructions ignore web-bootloader for right now, until it works a little better.

First of all, I am using Caddy to https the connection. I used @cryptix's Caddyfile from awhile ago

proxy /ws :8989 {
  without /ws

proxy /blobs :8989

This redirects the blobs interface to /ws/ and also makes sure everything is https enabled, so browsers don't complain about the lite client.

Next what I did was get the lite client up at https://ssb.gitmx.com/.

First I generated a new lite client file using patchbay

npm run build
browserify index.js | indexhtmlify > build/index.html

And I served this file using Caddy as well

ssb.gitmx.com {
    root /home/ev/sbot/patchbay/build/

If everything is working the lite client should just load from that domain, but nothing will show up until you get an invite.

Generated a new 'modern' invite using the command line from your pub

sbot invite.create --modern

It'll look this way:


This won't quite work because of the websocket redirect and https, so you need to modify the link to look this way:


That invite should work, and it's a real invite so maybe someone will make good use of it!

For a one-click invite, just append the invite to the url


And that'll load the lite client and run the invite at the same time.

Be sure to tell folks to reload their browser after the follow/following step, because sometimes the client doesn't reload for some reason.

Give me a shout if you want to try a lite client invite, and I'll send you one.

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