Metalwork - built out Metalsmith that works

By Ev Bogue - February 22nd 2017

Version: 3.0.1

Metalwork is a built out Metalsmith blog that works.

Metalsmith is a framework for creating static sites built by Ian Storm Taylor.

A common frustration people have with Metalsmith is how flexible it is; you can build almost anything with it. Yet, Metalsmith doesn't ship with a fully built out example blog. Being that I've used Metalsmith to build my sites/blog/books since early 2015, I decided to go ahead and create a working example based on the blog I run at evbogue.com

Metalwork is built using Node.js, Jade, Reserva, and served using Koa.js. It uses the following Metalsmith plugins: metalsmith-collections, metalsmith-permalinks, metalsmith-markdown, metalsmith-layouts, and metalsmith-beautify.

You can view the code at gitmx.

Assuming you know how to install Node.js and use npm, getting Metalwork up and running is simple:

% git clone
% cd metalwork && npm install && sh ipm.sh
% npm start

Navigate your browser to localhost:3002 and explore you new blog.

To customize metalwork edit the files in src/ and layouts/

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