The Art of Being Minimalist

By Ev Bogue

I wrote a book called The Art of Being Minimalist.

The book is based on my experiences living out of one bag for the past eight years.

The world is full of stuff. We see it every day. It's everywhere, from Walmart to our closet. We're surrounded. We're in over our head with stuff.

This stuff, like it or not, owns us.

Imagine you wanted to leave today. What would you take with you? What's in your backpack? What would belong to you?

Most people never contemplate this situation. They want to pretend it's not an inevitability. They think they'll never have to ask: what will I take with me?

A minimalist asks that question daily.

There's a -- to my mind out-dated -- idea that we need to surround ourselves with stuff for security. The idea is that we are defined by the things we own.

But what if the stuff we own is really holding us down? What if the only true way to be free in this world is to be able to carry all of our things on our backs?

When I first left Brooklyn with all of my stuff on my back I resembled a giant turtle with three overstuffed packs attached to myself. I felt the weight of every step.

Now I own a single Mission Workshop bag that I bought in San Francisco in 2011, and all of my stuff fits into there. You can see it in the photo on the cover of The Art of Being Minimalist. I strap a yoga mat with a single white bath towel rolled up within it to the top of the bag.

I wash all of my own clothes by hand.

When I jump on a flight, no one would believe that I'm moving to a new city. To a new country. To a new life.

And when I return no one can believe that I'm able to live out of this one bag.

But it turns out that living a life of freedom doesn't need to be expensive.

We don't need much to survive.

That is what this book is about. Whether you're a minimalist or not, I imagine you'll learn something about living a life worth living. A life that's free.

What's inside The Art of Being Minimalist

Below is a list of the chapters in The Art of Being Minimalist.

  • The art of being minimalist
  • The real secret of decumulation
  • The real value of your stuff
  • The rules of being minimalist
  • How to leave
  • Minimalist cash
  • Your life, unlived
  • Better socks
  • The only thing given that can not be taken
  • The minimalist checklist
  • Give yourself a minimalist advance
  • The minimalist's guide to technology
  • Your right to walk (fuck cars)
  • Minimalist communication
  • The minimalist kitchen
  • No one cares about your stuff
  • In an empty room
  • The minimalist workweek
  • Practical minimalism strategies

The book comes in at 7614 words right now. It's all digital and will be emailed to you when you buy.

If it seems that I've missed a topic, email me and I'll see if I can write a chapter.

The Art of Being Minimalist

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Ev Bogue