How to create a practical minimalist wallet for free

By Ev Bogue - June 15th 2016

My old wallet was getting worn out. This wallet was a business card holder that claimed to be made of leather (I doubt it) that I bought at Office Depot in America last year while I was working as a food runner in a restaurant.

The wallet eventually began to wear out, so I decided to construct a temporary minimalist wallet from a paper clamp that was lying around to hold the bag of coffee shut.

Most people carry around tons of crap in their wallet. You know the old man wallet that gets whipped out at the register stuffed with business cards and receipts accumulated from the 1980s? Then you have to wait fifteen minutes while the man digs around for five dollars of cash that must be in there somewhere? Yeah, you don't want to be that guy with that wallet. You want to be a minimalist

There's no need to carry around many things in a wallet. I have two credit cards, one for Paypal and another for a major bank, and an ID from North Carolina. The rest is cash. Using cash makes transactions faster and preserves your rights to privacy for that 6-pack of Negra Modelos you might buy every night for 90 pesos at 7/11.

I ended up replacing the minimalist wallet with an actual leather wallet for 70 pesos. If you want to see a photo of my new(er) minimalist wallet, email me and I'll send you the link.

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