Take The Node.js Test

By Ev Bogue - August 12th 2015

A few months ago I sent an email to The Mailing where I asked people to take The Node.js Test.

I was surprised by the people who passed. I was also surprised by the people who failed.

Today I thought to myself: I should put The Node.js Test up in public, and see who takes it. This is now The Node.js perma-test. If you ever read this blog post, and want to take The Node.js Test you are free to do so.

The Node.js Test is simple:

  1. Write a simple Node.js application that writes a line of words into the browser
  2. Deploy the Node.js application somewhere on the web
  3. Send me the link --> ev@evbogue.com

The line of words can either be "Hello World!" or a secret message to me.

I'll reply. If you pass the prize is a high five, from me to you over the Internet.

If you need hints at how to pass, read The Node.js Book

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