No more email

By Ev Bogue - March 29th 2017

Update July 28th 2017

Since I'm moving to San Francisco or Oakland, it turns out I need email to talk to people. My email is back on ev@evbogue.com


At the end of March 2017 I decided to stop using email. Please get in touch with me using ssb/Decent -- invites are here.

Email is an ancient tool that is filled with spam. It used to be a distributed technology, but now email mostly survives on life support at a few mega corps.

Since I've worked with the ssbc to create a viable replacement for social networking and email, I decided to stop investing time deleting the endless thousands of spam messages that were coming to ev@evbogue.com every week in order to find the one or two emails from real people.

Since I no longer maintain an email server, your messages will now bounce if you send me one. Now my vps setup is so simple, because all I have to do is run Decent and my blog!

Anyway, just get in touch with me on ssb instead.

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