Scuttlebot Lite Client on-boarding

By Ev Bogue - July 18th 2016

It's only been a few days since the Patchbay Lite Client started working in browsers, and only a day since I put it up at ssb.evbogue.com and I've already on-boarded a few people who were able to click the link and get instant access to a distributed social network for the first time.

I wrote Patchbay install instructions for the browser here.

Here's a few things I want to note, for new users of the ssb lite client.

  1. It's early days. If things seem a bit clunky that's because they are. Click around and get a feeling for where things are. Feel free to publish a few messages and see how they appear to other people.
  2. It's important to use the invite code when you get on. Scuttlebot works by replicating append-only logs. This means you need to have someone following you for your posts to replicate. If it seems like you're talking to no one, it's because your posts aren't replicating. You need to use the invite code for my 'pub' at evbogue.com to follow you and thus start replicating your posts. The invite codes goes into the "location/search bar" which says '/public' by default. Clear the bar, paste the invite, and hit 'return'.
  3. Follow some people. The more people who follow you back, the better your posts will replicate across the network. At the very least follow me @8Qee0I/DwI5DHSCi3p5fsl6FyLGArrnDz3ox9qZr5Qc=.ed25519 and my pub @J2VKbbf69rK38vXIRLOCwaZdEm+0vzv/LMeaxmJks3k=.ed25519
  4. The desktop experience is more robust. If you want to do things such as name yourself and post an image of yourself, you may have a better experience with Patchwork which is an almost fully built out desktop client for Sbot. The only issue is that you need to install it on your computer for it to work, which is harder than clicking a link.
  5. To reply to a thread, click on the date in the top-right corner of the post. You'll find a reply field if you scroll down. I know, it's not super intuitive right now.
  6. Posts live forever. Because it's an append only log, you can't delete or edit posts. This is true for everyone on the network.

That is all for now. Feel free to join us on Sbot by clicking this link to ssb.evbogue.com. Say hello and what your name is so someone with a desktop client can name you.

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