How to format one-click invites for the Scuttlebot lite client

By Ev Bogue - August 5th 2016

The experimental Scuttlebot lite client is a distributed social network that runs in a browser.

This is how a one-click invite looks:


This one is expired, so you'll need to email me to get one for yourself.

Using web-bootloader you load a Patchbay lite client release, and are instantly invite to the network.

The format for these invites is:


Once you're invited you get the full benefits of a social network, as long as you're connected to a Scuttlebot pub, for as long as you maintain your browser's local storage.

There are obvious benefits to running Scuttlebot on your local machine, such as a local database and offline social networking. However, Scuttlebot can be difficult to install for non-Node.js programmers, and difficult to install on devices without full write access to a disk. This makes the Patchbay lite client ideal for lite purposes, such as inviting friends to Scuttlebot and/or wiring up your phone for distributed social networking.

To get the bootloader you'll need to install web-bootloader somewhere on your local, or use a hosted version such as the one at dominictarr.github.io/web-bootloader.

To get the blob you can either add a blob of the latest build of Patchbay or use a release obtained from asking someone on the nextwork.

To get a modern style invite, right now you'll need a pub on a VPS

% sbot invite.create --modern

Once you put all three of these pieces together, you can test it a few times to make sure it works. Next, send an invite to a friend to instantly onboard them to your distributed social network!

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