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By Ev Bogue - August 14th 2016


What is Patchbay?

Patchbay is a modular client for the Scuttlebot distributed social network.

Scuttlebot allows people to connect anywhere in the world without centralized authorities by giving each individual an append-only cryptographic log, and then gossiping these logs between the people you follow. You can use Scuttlebot to publish posts and share them with friends over the Internet, local wifi, or you could use a meshnet such as CJDNS to share posts.

Scuttlebot is also home to git-ssb, which is used for distributed git repository hosting. I run a git-ssb node at gitmx.com

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Install Patchbay

There are two versions of Patchbay, a distributed desktop client and a decentralized lite client.

The code is available on Github and git-ssb

Patchbay Desktop is a desktop client built in Electron and Node that runs on your local machine. The goal of Patchbay is to be incredibly modular, and thus make it easy for people to build their own distributed social network experiences. To run Patchbay you will need to follow these install instructions.

Once you've installed Scuttlebot and Patchbay, email me and I'll send you an invite to my pub.

The Lite Client is highly experimental and way easier to install. It allows a person who runs a Scuttlebot pub to send anyone a one-click invite to the Scuttlebot network. This invite contains a JavaScript blob of the Patchbay application that runs in any modern web browser. From the browser, the Patchbay Lite Client uses web sockets to receive the latest post s available on the pub to which it is connected.

To get a Lite Client invite, email me and I'll send you an invite.

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