Producing Books at Ven Portman

By Ev Bogue - October 18th 2013

When I decided to turn Ven Portman into a distributed deployment agency, one of the first things I thought about was digital book production.

I've written a handful of digital books over the past few years. The current ones are Design Your Website, Deploy Arch, and Deploy Node. These are simple single-purpose specific guides to hard(er) to learn technical skills.

A big concern of mine was finding a way to keep Ven Portman aimed at higher-level, big budget clients, while still being able to publish digital books in our spare time. I hope I can publish digital books under Ven Portman without appearing to be 'just a publisher', which is not what Ven Portman is at all. I've seen too many colleagues over the years sequester themselves into tiny (or large!) publishing circle-jerks only to fade into oblivion trying to pawn off other people's crappy $4 ebooks.

The goal with the book projects published under the flag of Ven Portman is to offer a few very high quality titles at prices authors can live with. This means only offering products worth the money, which means focusing on higher level skills most people don't know anything about.

I thought about how to structure the book deals, and I've decided this. Going forward, any books published under the Ven Portman flag will have 100% of their profits going to the project creator. This means no awkward profit sharing. Ven Portman gets paid up front, and you get to profit from your work. In the same way that I only make as much from my projects as I can sell, you'll have the same experience, should your path cross with Ven Portman.

Ven Portman is a distributed deployment agency. This means as few centralized services as possible. Yes, you CAN roll out your book to a centralized publishing platform. But then you're giving away all of your rights and getting fucked out of 70% or more of your profits. You COULD do that, if you want all of your book profits going to someone else. Instead, we have the public web which is distributed and perfect for releasing products to people who want to hear about them. Yes, you miss a whole slew of brainwashed masses, but the brainwashed masses can't afford Ven Portman anyway.

Later this month, I'll be releasing the first Ven Portman book project written by someone other than me. Keep an eye out. And subscribe to the list using the box below.

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