The real secret to blogging success

By Ev Bogue - June 8th 2016

I'm up to something.

It has to do with welding the continuity breach in my digital self.

It has to do with making everything make sense.

It has to do with bringing the past and present together into the future.

I will to go ahead and tell you the one thing that I learned over the course of the past twelve hours.

It's the real secret of successful blogging.

It's the real reason that I'm so exhausted right now.

Because I've been copying and pasting my past self into the future.

I've been making a presentable work of the work I did way back in the day. It's somewhere along the lines of 25% ready. And the reason it's only 25% ready is because of the real secret of blogging success.

I've had all sorts of theories about what make successful digital personas. Mostly because I don't want to go back to delivering food to tables again. Though it's a weirdly liberating thing to know that I'm fully capable of running food to table 34, 27, 63, and 325 on repeat for eight to twelve hours a day. Or one hour if no one is in the restaurant and I'm cut and I then I can walk across the parking lot in the freezing cold and stare at the programming books wondering when a decent new programming book will come out that anyone cares about.

The real secret to blogging success is not social. It's not Twitter. It's not Technorati. It's not Nick Denton. It's not checking your code into Git and rendering markdown using Node.js.

The real secret to blogging success is consistency.

At the behest of a long time reader from The Philipines, I reread the first three months of FBTS. And I realized the one thing that made it work...

I didn't stop publishing. Monday, Wednesday, Friday. For a year and a half!

Most of it is crap. But some of it is gems.

And I also didn't stop asking at the end of every post a simple question...

Will you share this post?

I'd be honored if you'd share this post on Sbot. Share this post on IRC. Go back in time and share this post on Usenet. Share this post from your Urbit planet. Share this post on IPFS forever. Share this post wherever people share things on Ethereum. Link to this post from your website. If you're addicted to Facebook and Twitter, then share it there.

Let's not forget! If you have a blog, link to my blog from there. Because we shouldn't forget how the distributed Internet works, right now with no innovation needed! Only elbowgrease and a domain name!

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