What programming language do you want to learn?

By Ev Bogue - December 7th 2013

We're rocketing towards January 1st 2014.

January is always the best time to make a commitment to picking up a new skill, lose ten pounds, or promise yourself you're going to book that ticket to a far off place 'someday soon!'

The good thing about learning a new programming language is you can do it from anywhere. This is a double bonus, because you can start right now, and also you'll be able to continue to use your skills when you board that jet on your one-way ticket to your dreams.

But what language do you want to learn?

Last year Node.js and Go were really 'in'. But what will you learn this year? Will you lock yourself in your bedroom and learn Haskell, will you dust off your old Awk manual, will you develop that shell script you've always wanted? Clojure? Scala? Lua? Ugh, PHP? Ruby? Will you attempt to figure out what the hell is going on in Hoon?

Do you need to start simple and learn how to Design Your Website with html5/css3?

Me, I know I'm going to be locking myself in somewhere with a warm climate to learn how to suck less at C. But, who knows, maybe you'll change my mind.

So let me ask you this question...

What programming language do you want to learn? Send me an email ev@evbogue.com

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