My summer workcation

By Ev Bogue - August 23rd 2013

I was living and working in Brooklyn when the Snowden news broke.

This news hasn't been covered too often in mainstream news, but you all know how to get your news (that is if you haven't been forbidden by your employer/deployer from reading The Guardian), you have the details.

At the moment Snowden did his big reveal, I knew it was time to throw in the digital towel for awhile, and head somewhere quieter (and safer).

My income comes from the digital space, and when everyone is uncertain about the Internet, it can be hard to earn. I also had a (somewhat paranoid, in hindsight) sneaking suspicion the gov was going to start rounding up hackers and shipping us to gitmo.

So I packed my bag and headed to [undisclosed location].

I've used this time in [undisclosed location] to get a lot of work done I wouldn't be able to get done in a busy city.

Here's a few things I accomplished while you were on summer vacation...

1. I switched from Mac OS X to Linux. In the first few weeks of July, I managed to wrangle Arch Linux onto my Macbook Pro. This was an ordeal, and embittered me towards Apple for the rest of my life. Now I have an amazing operating system that updates with a single command.

2. I sold my Apple hardware. I put my Macbook Pro on ebay, selling it. Then I went to Walmart and bought an under-$400 Acer Aspire S3. Arch Linux is much easier to install on one of these boxes. It's a pleasurable, ego-less computer.

3. Distributed Everything to the top of HN. On July 4th I wrote a piece called Distributed Everything. It's gone now, because I deleted my Medium account. You probably read it. Around 100 or so of you receiving this message discovered the work I do through HN. Welcome!

4. I started writing Deploy Node v2. I've learned legions about Node.js since I wrote the first Deploy Node at the beginning of this year. The Node ecosystem has also evolved in unmeasurable ways since the origin version. This week, I started over with a complete re-write.

5. I introduced Design Your Website. A lot of people have mentioned the material in Deploy Node is pretty advanced, so I decided to write an introductory guide to web design. I've been designing web pages since 1997, so this has been a pleasure to write. It's not done yet, and I've been writing slow. I want Design Your Website to be a clean, simple, concise guide to learning HTML5/CSS3.

6. I've worked on Bitters. It's far from where I want it to be, but it's growning towards where I want it to go. The latest version abstracts out the styles/javascripts into a Node.js module called Embittered. This lets me update the styles and all you have to do is type 'npm install' to get the latest version.

7. I started writing Hyperboria at under Ven Portman Hyperboria is a lot faster than the oldernet, and it's encouraging to be able to test out my crazy new ideas with a small group of people who 'get it.'

8. I learned how to deploy Node with systemd. Stay tuned for a chapter on how to do this in Deploy Node v2.

So now, it's headed towards the end of August. Sales are picking up for Deploy Node and Design Your Website. I'm ready to head back to civilization. The only question left is whether or not civilization is ready to have me.

I'm washing out my Mission Workshop bag. I'm packing everything I own into it. I'll type

$ pacman -Syu 

one more time, head to the bus and then head to the plane. Knock on wood I won't get strip searched on the way through security.

I'll see you when I get back to civilization.


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