Re: %BC5kpkVtA

@dominic It was just supposed to be tea at Samovar at the top of Yerba Buena park in San Francisco on December 10th or 13th 2010.

I was a writer living in The Mission, she was a social media strategist living in Boulder, Colorado. We were both yogis.

It was just supposed to be tea 4pm. She tried to cancel on me, I insisted that meet up at 5pm. Tea (Iron Goddess of Mercy) turned into beers at Thirsty Bear. Then I remembered that I had a meeting with my Uncle Phil, who works at The Internet Society (he was in town for the IPV6 launch). We met up with him at the Clift and had a bottle wine with him, and he explained what IPV6 was and why we needed it.

Then @gb and I hopped on the BART and went to Latin American Club. We had a few beers there, and she started checking out on her iPhone. I grabbed it from her hand, and told her that she had to hang out with real people and talk with us.

Then I tried to make out with her in the doorway around the corner on Valencia, and that's when she told me that she was married to programmer and refused to make out with me.

I walked her back to to her hotel in SOMA, because by that point the BART was closed. Then I walked back to my apartment in The Mission. We've been running around ever since, star twins for life.