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Artificial Downsizing

Monday, September 26, 2022

The world is full of junk. I know, because I live in it. In fact, I'm hesistant to admit that my day job is dealing with junk. The junk comes in, the junk goes out. But that is besides the point. The junk piles up regardless of where you are, or where you go, or what you are doing or why you are employed to do what you do. I imagine that even within shiny technology companies there is a lot of junk.

If you let it pile up, it piles up. If you try to eliminate it, you can try but without a good strategy you will fail. These days, I have a new strategy: artifical downsizing (AD). When combined with Minimalist Lessening (ML), you can start to eliminate the junk and prepare your life for less headaches with dealing with clutter.

Not everyone is ready for the AD + ML strategy. But those who are ready will find that over time they are less stressed, or at least have less junk to maintain.

The secret of AD is that you should consider that you have less space than you do, and then adjust your life and your self into the position where you are living as if you have less than you could possess.

Yes, you have five rooms, but maybe you should act as if you have one. Then if you suddenly have one you will be ready to live in the one room.

Most people expand their living situations until they fill the space in which they live, but a small minority of people (the people who secretly subscribe to AD and ML) adjust their lives to live with less while secretly living with more.

Living this way has great advantages, including the ability to find things when you are looking for them.

Anyway, I will write more about this in the morning. I was just trying to get my blog post in for today after all.

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