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How to find the time to blog and/or code

Friday, October 7, 2022

Some readers have been thinking how I can find the time to write into my blog every single day, and that is a good question. Today, I will attempt to help you understand how I set aside the time to blog and/or create code. It isn't easy, but anyone can do it.

During the spamdemic, it was easy to find the time to code and/or write because there was nothing going on. But, of course no one did anything during the spamdemic except for listen to newscasts from politicans who were pointing at charts with questionable metrics and jumping to questionable economic solutions.

These days though some people are arguing that there is no longer a spamdemic, and so there is time to write again because when you check the news there is no longer the need to read all of the endless stories explaining to you the government-derived way that we should purposely destroy our own economy.

But it turns out that turning an economy back on after turning it off isn't so easy, and thus everything is still mostly closed and really everyone is still locked down. Though perhaps they are just locked down driving in their cars on a road to nowhere.

So my point is that it is relatively easy to find the time to code and/or write into your blog. Even if you're working nearly fulltime on something else, there is still plenty of time to blog and code, really you have no excuses because there is nothing else to do except drive in your car in circles. I do not have a car, and in fact I instituted a personal auto ban many months before The CovID Came and so I do not get in my car or anyone else's and drive up and down the road looking for something when there is nothing much to look at.

So here are a few important ways to find the time to blog and/or code.

  1. Barriers. Build a wall against others and tell them that you will not be doing anything else until the blog post is written or the code is coded. If they complain then just shake your head and tell them that your plate is completely full and adding anything to it would just be too much and if anything needs to be done that can't be done without you then they can just not have it get done.
  2. Think ahead. Blogging and coding can actually be done mostly within your own head. You can structure a blog post ahead of time within your mind while pretending to be doing something else such as working or walking or cooking dinner.
  3. Sit down and write/code. Sit down at the computer and do not look up or check Hacker News until the post and/or code is finished.

Those are my tips. Do you have better ideas? Let me know: ev@evbogue.com and I will get back to you. And of course you should definitely SUBSCRIBE. We have many subscribers so far, and there are many more who are just waiting in the wings to join if the Requests chart that I'm looking at from Deno Deploy means anything. You should SUBSCRIBE instead of hitting ctrl-r on my site because then you will receive a hand-written email from me every time I post! Then you can reply with something witty, and I can counter reply with something wittier.