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How to make my phone buzz*

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Ever since cellular telephones gained CPUs and LCD screens people have wanted to either turn off push notifications or turn them on again.

For some people, they simply do not exist if their phone is not buzzing. And other people cannot focus unless their phone is not buzzing!

When building Bogbook, I wanted a way to make your phone buzz when a new post was published. This way you don't need to check Bogbook all of the time. Bogbook is not the busiest of distributed social networks (yet!) and hitting reload on it all day can be tiresome.

Well, today, I finally discovered a cool way to do this!

https://ntfy.sh/ via hn

I installed their app on my phone, and then I wrote a simple script for my bogbot so that it sends a notification to the ntfy.sh/bogbook channel every time a new post is written.

So do you want to make my phone buzz?* Either read this: https://ntfy.sh/docs/#step-2-send-a-message

Or get yourself a Bogbook keypair and publish a post to https://bogbook.com/

*Please note that sometimes I will put my phone on silent because I am working, busy, or sleeping.

**Update! I didn't realize this at the time but you can view and send notifications from the web interface here: https://ntfy.sh/bogbook