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How to start blogging again

Monday, September 19, 2022

I woke up this morning and realized that I had written a static blogging platform, but that I had not written anything into my blog in months. First I felt embarrassed for myself, next I felt ashamed, and finally I got myself to a coffee shop and I sat in front of my laptop for two hours looking at my bogbook codebase before I finally got to updating my blog.

I guess in this post-socialmedia era it's difficult to know what to do on the Internet. We are the old people who remember blogspot, and livejournal, and moveabletype and wordpress of course. We tried a thousand blogging platforms and ultimately discovered that generating a static blog is really not all that hard if you know how to code a little.

But all of this time and all of the years that have passed can certainly contribute to a feeling that we should be blogging better than we are, and at the very least generating static blogging content on a regular basis so that the people visiting our blog can read it and perhaps post a comment if we had a commenting system -- which I don't. But I could always code one up I guess.

Yes, a lot has changed in the world. But one thing has not changed, and that is the fact that you and I are not updating our blogs enough. So here, to get you started, are nine tips to start updating your blog again.

A blog that is updated once a year, or updated once a month, or not since 2012 is not a very interesting blog. If you want people to check back for your latest blog post, they will appreciate it if you have written something new once in awhile.

Perhaps set yourself a regular schedule to write a blog post. Once a week, or three times a week, or perhaps even every day if that won't cause you to get blog burnout?

Anyway, blogging only when you create some extreme hype around the event is not regular blogging.

Just pick a title, then write the first and second sentence, and then keep it going. If you stop now then you will never finish your blog post and you will never post it and no one will ever read it.

It doesn't matter what blogging platform you use. Centralized platforms come and go, and by the time they go you will probably want all of your content deleted anyway. What matters the most is that you are writing a blog post right now, and not subjecting your entire audience to a blog post that you wrote ten years ago instead of a blog post that you wrote right now.

So yes, go ahead and blog to centralized platforms that are owned by venture capitalists who are trying to sell your content to investors and/or the stock market.

Or you could write your own blogging platform yourself, and then you can sell it to investors if you ever run into one on the street or perhaps one of them will give you a call one day. You never know, most things don't happen but there is always the possibility that something will and if you are not open to the idea of someone investing massive amounts of cash on your blog or your code then probably no one ever will.

What I'm trying to blog here is that there are people will massive amount of cash, and perhaps if you blog more they will give you some of it. The information superhighway is still being built one line of code at a time, and blogs are still being written one word at at time.

You get the idea.

Nothing makes people's eyes roll faster than hearing about domestic partison American politicians and what they think about their latest CovID restrictions. Just skip that as a topic, because politicans and newspaper opinion writers have that covered.

Yes, you and I are both old people and we started blogging back in 1999, but that doesn't mean every single blog post we need to point that out in order to guilt trip ourselves about the fact that we do not update our blogs often enough anymore.

I wrote all of my tips first, and now I'm filling in longer descriptions later so that you have more to read about what my thoughts are about these various tips. It's a great writing strategy and definitely helped me get to the end of this blog post.

If your fingers keep moving on the keyboard then eventually you will have written enough content that a person who will read this post can get to the end of the post and feel as if they actually read something. Perhaps they didn't get this far in the blog post, and even if they did not they will still have the general feeling that you wrote a meaty blog post that was worth reading.

Nine. Press Publish.

git add howtostartbloggingagain.md
git commit -m 'I wrote a blog post'
git push

Yes, it is that simple, and sometimes even simpler depending on the details of your blogging platform.

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