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I should probably write a blog post today

Monday, October 3, 2022

It's Monday. I blogged all weekend. I have to admit that I am a little bit burned out on blogging. Part of me wonders: what is the point? Before CovID++ there was probably some reward for blogging, but afterwards that is a big question. What use is writing on the Internet anyway, when the Internet is mostly just a dying ground for spam.

But that is negative thinking, and this is a ++ blog. We need to overcome those negative feelings and do something even if it just another stupid blog post. Of course unsavvy +CovID politicans will want you to stop blogging, because the less bloggers there are in the world then the more things that can happen that don't get written about. But that is besides the point because the real point of this blog post is that I should probably write a blog post today.

So I should write a blog post today. But what should I write it about?

I could write something technical. Sometimes I think I should write about some kind of complex algorithm that will make you think I'm pretty smart because there are so many functions looping back on themselves within modules that call each other and download a whole bunch of stuff that probably isn't used. And other times I think I should write about a very simple program that just actually does something.

Or maybe I could write about stuff, that's hard. I have stuff everywhere. There's too much of it. I couldn't pack down into a backpack if I wanted to right now. But there's no reason to go anywhere right now, so maybe it's a lack of ++ motivation. Like why go anywhere when there's nothing to do when you get there? Or why go anywhere if you don't have the money to do anything while you're there? There used to be reasons to go somewhere, but CovID++ killed them all and the reasons simply have not come back yet. Of course they will come back, but how many dreams will have to die before they do?

I could write about bad economics.

I'm just not sure what I want to write about today. I should make a list of things to write about in the future, maybe then I can just select a prompt and write some stuff under it.

I've had a few readers think that maybe this blog will probably be doing better if I stop mentioning CovID with pluses before and behind the word. They think that maybe I'd be doing much better if I just sponged the idea of +CovID+ down with a bottle of handsanitizer that smells vaguely of very powerful booze and call it a day. The CovID is over, please (they are thinking) stop blogging about it! Or at least stop mentioning it at least once per paragraph in your blog.

But I do think CovID deserves a lot of the blame. Not the bugs, mind you, though insects are scary and things smaller than them are scarier still. But the Russians are probably scarier, and I'm not writing about them so why I am writing about CovID?

I should just grep through this blog and remove all mentions of CovID and replace them with happy unicorn emojis and call it a day. That'd get the economy on the right track towards the recovery that it wouldn't even really need if there hadn't been lockdowns the first place.