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October in hindsight

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Sorry I didn't update my blog yesterday, I was waiting to see if anyone would win the donut. No one did.

So today I will write the post for yesterday, and I will write another post for today to catch up.

So I began blogging again on September 19th because I was feeling unmotivated and thought that perhaps writing something every day would get me somewhere, and it has! Now it is November and my blog has more content.

The most "viral" content from the past month involved, of course, Elon and Twitter.

What is up with everyone wanting to buy their very own confederated social network these days?


Can Elon save Twitter?

both brought in more than one thousand hits on the day they were published. I guess people wanted to know what I would say about the Twitter acquistion and they got to read what I said.

I'm not surprised that those articles got a lot of hits because everyone is talking about Elon and Twitter and no one seems to really get what is going on there.

But because I think Twitter, Mastadon, and other Mastadon forks are code relics of the past twenty years and I am looking forward to the future where the Internet is not divided into a "lords & peasants" system and instead everyone has equal control over their data flow, I am most impressed with my posts about learning to code. I think you should all learn to code, and when you do you will quickly find that you may no longer feel as if you are being treated like a peasant any more.

If you want to re-read A brief update to Cache KV which sadly only clocked in 979 hits according to my very limited Deno Deploy analytics, you may find that there is something there that is useful to you while you are writing your programs.

What was your favorite article that I wrote this month?

Why was it your favorite?

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