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So I have to admit something

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Listening to: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

Not too long ago something changed for me, and it's something that I haven't quite admitted to you, the listening audience.

Some people will recall my persona as being a minimalist and secondly you will recall my persona as being a luddite. I have recently discovered that I am neither a minimalist or a luddite.

I'm not sure exactly when things changed. I mean things were going great into CovID. I battoned the hatches and remained both anti-Silicon Valley and anti-Junk through most of it. I kept throwing out my stuff and keeping a clean closet even while politicians were locking down coffee shops, bars, and even restaurants without any real reason at all as far as I could tell.

It wasn't until the CovID19 narrative ended that I started to lose it. I know, isn't that weird? Since CovID19 ended (yah, right? sure it has ended), I woke up a few months later and realized that I now am using my Github account, I have a cellular telephone with a data plan, and my bedroom is full of crap and I can't even tell when the last time I used that Raspberry Pi was but it is sitting there on Wil's table (that I never threw out) next to the other Raspberry Pi and the Raspberry Pi screen and I haven't used any of those gadgets at all in a probably a year or more.

Before the CovID+++ it was so cool to go to McDonald's and plug your Raspberry Pi into the the wall socket, but after they closed the whole damn thing down to the public and wouldn't even let you walk up to the drive through window to order a fracking burger (even though they had collapsed the economy and McDonald's really wanted to sell you a fracking burger) it was suddenly not cool at all to go sit at McDonald's with your Raspberry Pi plugged into a wall.

And yes, since they collapsed the economy there are a lot more hobos and vagrants too, so maybe that has helped to change the culture but what do I know?

I even signed up for a Twitter account and yes it is full of bots. Not even Elon Musk's Twitter account passes the Turing Test for me. I'm like, yes sometimes he seems to be tweeting and a little bit manic or depressive, but other times I'm like that is totally a bot that is tweeting right now.

And I got a Google account, and that shit is soooo useless. Like why would you send an email to my account for an army of AI machine learners to read? I wouldn't if I were you.

So anyway, I have softened around Big Tech. I am no longer mad at them. Maybe their share prices collapsing so bad, and them making up a big plot to send all of their workers home had something to do with it. Now I pitty Big Tech and all of their workers.

But meanwhile I am sitting here wondering how I can get back to myself. The junk needs to go! I guess I'll just have to figure out how to get rid of it again.