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Sometimes you have to write a blog post

Saturday, October 8, 2022

You know, it's difficult to blog sometimes. You might feel as if the platform is obsolete, and that no one has quite figured out the tools to replace yet. Or you wonder if you will accidentially write something that is important, or game changing, or perhaps even mundane in a way that annoys everyone. You might have spent all day pretending to do anything at all while quietly writing blog posts in your head only to discover that now that it is time to write a blog post that there is simply no blog post coming out.

And that is why sometimes you have to write a blog post. It can't always be the most brilliant blog post, or the most useful. You can't always ride a zeitgeist, sometimes you have to just phone it in and see what happens in your blog post. Because people are out there waiting for the next blog post, with a lot of anticipation, and if you don't blog then your blog will be a dead blog like all of the other blogs on the Internet.

Most of the bloggers are of course not dead, but instead of blogging they are doing something else, because if they were blogging then their blog would be updated and we wouldn't have this sentence of a paragraph.

Is there a big reward for blogging? Often not. But blogging is kind of cool, I mean what other way can you write a piece of writing that can reach everyone in the world? You can try on social media, but social media has censorship. And you can try to write notes and then stick them into glass bottles and plug the glass bottles with wine corks and then send them off to sea and see if some I don't know vikings or refugee boats catch your bottles and remove the corks and maybe they will read your blog post.

What I'm trying to tell you all today is a simple truth about blogging, is that sometimes you have to write a blog post. You can't wait until you have the most brilliant blog post, or the most radical, or the blog post that will get reblogged everywhere -- because there are no more blogs to reblog your blog really. And yes the Internet is full of lurkers, and they are lurking and running up your Deno Deploy request metrics to the point that you might start to become worried in a month or two that you will start getting to the point that you actually have to pay for Deno Deploy. But don't worry about that yet, because clearly these blog posts are too boring to attract any attention.

But in an attention vacuum, perhaps writing about nothing is something everyone should worry about.