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What should you write about today? (nineteen free blog post titles for the taking)

Thursday, September 22, 2022

What might surprise you most about typing things into computers and publishing them to the Internet is that coming up with the subject for your post/codebase/project/startup is probably the most challenging part of the entire exercise. You can spend all day writing an article only to discover that it is just a reaction to something you read in the news. You can spend a year coding on a project only to discover that someone else coded up the same project twenty years ago and their version is more complete than yours ever will be. Maybe people have spent many years trying to build businesses around things that no one ever wants and that is too bad.

But you should also consider that if you do not write about anything today, that you really didn't write on anything today. It's the same story for every programmer working on a programming challenge -- if you don't code today then you will have no commits to make today, and without commits you won't make progress.

And how can the opposite be true as well? Some of the most prolific programmers aren't creating programs at all, they are just making bigger and bigger projects and then redesigning them using whatever the latest and most trendy framework is this week. Writers create books full of words that when you sit down to read them you discover that there is no meaning at all in the words, or worse the words are simply misleading. Entire news cycles have been lost over the last few decades wasting my time and your time with an epidemic of misleading information.

But still, how can you distinguish the truth if you do not read something, parse it through your brain and let that information come out the other side with your having some formed understanding of what you just read. I suppose that must be understanding, and understanding perhaps is the ability to repeat accurate information.

And of course simple and accurate information isn't always what people want to read or listen to, because that wouldn't misleading or scary or even fun.

But I haven't gotten to the reason that this article exists yet, I've just been drinking coffee and trying to get my mind functioning for the first time this morning. What I wanted to ask in this article was simply: what should you write about today?

Which skips the point: what is the point of writing anything today? Because that is a self-defeating blog post title.

I have a few ideas about what you could write about today, and perhaps if I generate enough of these ideas I will have some information to pump into some blog posts in the future and then I can keep this blogging momentum going until I hit on a topic that people are interested in reading.

Anyway, here is a list of blog post titles and brief explanations of what they might cover. I'm giving these blog posts away for free, with no strings attached, and you do not even have to send me money to buy them. I just want you to go ahead and write as many words as you possibly can so that these blog posts get written and your blog gets content. That's it, no catch. Really. I'm serious. How can there not possibly be a catch? Because I am now about to generate these blog post titles with my own mind and I will use them if you don't get to them first. And if you do get to them first, then be sure to notify me so that I can cross them off the list and link to your blog post.

Ok, without any further words between me and them, these are the free blog post titles that I advertised in the title of this blog post.

When I walk down the streets of major cities I feel like most of the storefronts are closed and/or have broken glass and are boarded up. If this is the future, then we must be living in a dystopia. Do we build skyscrapers so that workers can look out at the horizon without seeing all of the hobos? If someone could please explain why skyscrapers exist, I would love to hear that blog post. And if skyscrapers are so expensive to build, and so expensive to manage and maintain, and if most skyscrapers are empty these days, then why are we still building them at all?!

Ditto for space. Why are we sending so much junk into space? And what will the future think about all of this junk?

As you can tell, this blog post can go anywhere that you want it to. It's an easy A because all it takes is your imagination and some fingers on some keys.

Does your digital self belong to you, or an investor somewhere? Answer it in the blog post. Is your audience your audience if someone else can shut your audience off from you? Asking for a friend.

First in a blog post like this we should speculate that we are living in a financial crisis. Then we should try to point to when it started, whether it was lurking before or manufactured to happen right now. Then we ask what you can possibly do to survive this horrible financial crisis. Maybe we can look at previous financial disasters and come up with suggestions.

Bonus: try to write this without linking to an overquoted financial doomsday expert and instead try to source your own conclusions.

Your blog is nice enough, but not perfect, but redesigning it this week will just mean that everyone needs to look at a new blog layout and you are probably redesigning your blog to avoid writing in your blog anyway. Try writing four thousand words on this subject for best results.

The opposite of the above. This blog post will advocate for the benefits of redesigning your blog over and over again instead of doing anything else with your life.

I'll keep this one secret until I write it. You can make a go at if you want and see if you can guess where I'm going with this one.

Because people have their own ideas and when your ideas contradict their ideas then conflict between ideas results leading to offended people. This is why people get banned from socialist media platforms, because they are writing ideas that conflict with the creators and staff members of the platforms.

And then probably you could write about some solutions to these modern problems.

This blog post could be meaty. Sink your teeth into it and see what comes to your mind.

Coding is mostly just data structures, functions, loops and filters. Once you understand that algorithms are just manipulating data then you can learn how to code and get beyond all of the hype that coding is hard and/or only should be done by intelligent machines otherwise known as people who are not admitting that they are people. I'll explain more about what I mean in the post, and also you'll learn to code. I bet you can't wait to SUBSCRIBE so you can read this one. I can't wait to write this one.

This headline explains itself, but the ends do not always equal the means do they?

I'm trying to figure out if this blog title is too honest or just mean. Maybe we can figure out a way to soften it for the listening public before publication. Send me a couple of alternatives and I'll post them here or on bogbook. Or better yet, you can post them to bogbook.

I think this topic could probably easily stretch towards eight thousand words but I'd also worry about my fingers getting tired writing a blog post with this subject line.

Yes you could fork it on Github but maybe you could send an email patch and I could look up the documentation on how to merge a patch on the command line because I can't remember right now how to do that.

In this article we will discuss the real value of being aware of the news, and also how to stop reading opinion articles and thinking that they somehow are an echo of reality.

Perhaps we can talk about why so many news websites have paywalls now and how to save the media industry from consuming itself in self-isolation before it is too late.

We could come up with an economic theory that y2k, Lehmen Bros, and the current CovID recession are all really the same thing -- big valuation bubbles that then deflated. If we look at the past twenty years like they will be the next twenty years then we can perhaps with some imagination plan for the next fake narrative and hedge ourselves against it so that we don't end up falling straight into the downturn like everyone else inevitably does.

But really there are plenty of other ways you could write this article. I'll invite you now to give it a go and then we can touch base on how that went for you.

Because you stopped writing on your blog probably because you ran out of money and needed to find a job or you lost interest or felt as if no one was listening. Or you neglected to generate new ideas and kept writing about the same thing or you waited until you have the most brilliant idea to write about ever but that idea never came. Either way, you are sorry that you haven't updated your blog.

That's the question! Is it laziness? Lack of motivation? The sickening feeling that no one is listening, or the only people who are listening are only listening so that they can formulate a single line troll sent from an anonymous email address? This is your blog post, you can try to answer the question.

In this blog post you'd want to talk about a couple of chatrooms with very high valuations and then ask the question why chatrooms are so valuable to technology companies. Probably you'd reveal that the user data, associated cellular telephone numbers, cross referenced by geography and social demographics, are really what is valuable about a chatroom. The world wants to be free, but if you want an expensive chatroom it should probably collect is much user data as possible. The best example of chatrooms that did this the best reaching back through time are probably Gmail and AIM, but you could probably include every single notable chatroom that has ever existed if you wanted to really fill up your blog with content.

In this article you would show just how easy it is to write a chatroom, and then explain that the user interface is really the value prop here. If you can design a chatroom that is faster than X chatroom and also provide user interface hinting that make a person feel as if other people are listening to them, then you can sell your chatroom to whatever tech companies have high valuations and retire rich to a yacht or whever they sent Sergei and Larry when they stopped working at their company. Yachts must be fun, but seem kind of socially isolating. But isn't that modern times?

This is a blog post to write on Saturday maybe that includes some extra information that is extra informative.

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