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Surprise blog post! (The real reason why you haven't done anything with your life)

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Surprise! I said I wasn't going to write anything today, but instead I have turned against my own wishes and I am publishing anyway. Why? Because I figured if I didn't write today, then I won't write tomorrow, and if I don't write tomorrow I probably won't write on Monday morning. Then it will be 2027 and I will write a blog post with the title: "hey guys, sorry for not updating my blog."

But this surprise blog post has a second title, a topic on which I've been thinking about a lot lately. And it is this: the real reason why you haven't done anything with your life.

In the past I would get into arguments about how I haven't done anything with my life for x y or z reasons, and that I will not blame myself because I am at an economic disadvantage compared to the post-war generations, and etc etc the argument could go on forever without my ever taking responsibility for not being the most stellar of success stories. But not anymore, there is a new excuse in town.

The real reason why you haven't done anything with your life is, surprise! The CovID narrative. Nope, it isn't the Russian's fault. It is the CovID's fault.

Whatever you believe about the CovID -- that it came from bats or cats or out of the woods or from a mutant sneeze or it is just the flu or it was invented by politicians to get the Germans out of Ukraine before the real war started and the Chinese into Hong Kong and the Japanese to go home so that their currency would get cheaper or that CovID was simply a crackdown on coffee shops and restaurants and bars. Whatever you believe within that previous run on word-sandwich of a sentence that no one probably wants to eat is irrelevent now because the CovID is why you haven't done anything with your life.

I'll tell you this, I can speculate with a large investment in words typed onto a keyboard that if the CovID hadn't come along you would have done something with your life over the past two or so years. Nope, it wasn't the fault of a shoddy economy, and it definitely wasn't the Brexit that ruined your world. Nope, it was the CovID.

Congratulations, you have a convenient scapegoat at least until the next narrative gets pulled. Use it to your advantage. Get off your butt, blame the CovID, and get on with your life because there is no time like today to get started doing what you want to do with your life right now. Or at least until they require you to show evidence of a coerced medical proceedure to sit down at a coffee shop and write a blog post again.

It's the bottom of the market, the world economy is in tatters or scambles if you will have another made up word, and it is time to rebuild from the ashes of the result of whatever you believe it is the result of.

So now that you know why you haven't done anything with your life, it is time to start coming up with some solid strategies for doing something with your life.

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