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What do people blog about these days?

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Ok, so I almost didn't blog today because I am so tired. But I decided that I should blog because if I don't keep up the momentum then this blog shall surely begin tumbling down into the abyss of blogs that are never updated anymore. And my blog is different, because it is a blog that is updated. Even if it is updated with content that might feel a little bit as if I am writing when I have nothing to say, perhaps some narrative will sneak through all of the nonsaying and populate your brain with new narratives that are different than the old narratives.

I am a little stumped about what people blog about these days. Yes, there are people who post to centralized blogging websites that claim to have "thousands of subscibers" (a rather abstract metric, I might add) and yes there are people who write to newspaper websites that always seem to be paywalled these days. And Elon Musk Tweets, and then a whole lot of bots tweet back. In all of that I continue to be stumped as a person who passes the Turing Test I am just totally and completely stumped about what people blog about these days.

It seems like the Internet just lost some sense of what it means to be an Internet, or the people who use the Internet lost some sense of what it means to be people. We lost the narrative, and now it is impossible to get a new narrative started and we cannot possibly get together on another centralized chat app and collaborate until the new narrative starts because we are so confused by the lack of a narrative that we wouldn't be able to agree anyway and that would result in an argument or a flamewar or we'd just all block each other and try to get on with our boring lives without any decent blog content to read on the Internet anymore.

But anyway, I at this moment am asking for your feedback. What do people blog about these days, and why do you read that blog content? I am looking for leads. I am looking for ideas. I am looking for something that I can read and not feel the boredom of post CovID+++ sinking into my bones and causing me to hiccup about the lack of interesting things going on in the world besides CLIMATE CHANGE and WAR WITH RUSSIA and of course the endless stream of advertisements about poking yourself with the latest dose of patented MRNA.

So if you do not want to SUBSCRIBE to my blog at least send me some feedback about what you are reading or at least what you want to read. It will help me point my blog in the right direction.