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What do you want to hear today?

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

I don't have any complex analytic software installed on the blog, but I do know that yesterday my blog received around 1,100 requests. That doesn't mean much, this could be bots and it could also be people who are reloading the page a whole bunch of times waiting for my next blog post to appear.

The day before my blog received 657 hits, before that 677 and the day before that 868, so clearly writing about Kanye and Elon is a winner of a topic.

If you are in the group of people who are hitting ctrl-r on my blog over and over again, I want to suggest to you that you subscribe to my blog by sending an email to me ev@evbogue.com and I will add you to my list of people who I send a handwritten email to every time I post. This way you aren't wasting your entire day reloading my website waiting for the next post!

So let's imagine I do have a few hundred or at least 100 readers out there right now who are not bots. What do you want to hear about? I often hear a lot about what you don't want to hear about (Kanye, Elon, and Tech mostly -- surprisingly no one has complained about my repeated use of the phrase "CovID+++" which I thought would rattle some of you but maybe you have natural immunity to the narrative by now...)

But what do you want to hear about? Send it my way via email: ev@evbogue.com

If we start a conversation it will help me gear my posts more in the direction of your dreams.