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What should I write about today

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

It's getting late. I'm tired. I don't feel inspired. I've read all the news and who really cares. Should I write about the soviet civil war, or the rising prices? Should I write about minimalism or computer programming or minimalist computer programming?

What about the CovID++? I could write about that for the next 18 years.

Should I just give up and stop updating my blog? I mean I'm almost to a month of generating somewhat interesting blog content.

I should just give up. I should not write another post. I should just read the news and believe it, and I should settle down to a nice quiet life in the suburbs and get just a little bit fat. I should probably not blog, because if I blog then someone might read it and if they read it they might have opinions and if their opinions conflict with my opinions and if our conflicted opinions conflict then who knows what might happen.

Or I could just write another blog post and see what happens. Maybe something, maybe nothing, maybe tomorrow's blog post will be better.

At the very least this blog has momentum, and a blog that is gathering momentum is at the very least moving through space and time.


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